This piece was inspired by the death of my cousin’s daughter. She passed away last week at a mere 4 years old.

‘Come home soon’, he said,
‘You need to see the kids’.
‘I’ll see them eventually’, I replied
Eventually never came.

Everything happens so fast:
One minute you’re here,
The next, you’re gone.
One day you’re filled with life,
The next, life is a distant term.

Your last hello,
Your last goodbye,
Your last smile,
Your last laugh,
Not aware that they were your last.
Gone too soon.

I see photographs;
Photographs of your tiny casket.
What did you do to deserve this?
Gone too soon.

‘Everything happens for a reason’.
What was the reasoning behind this?
How do you comfort her mother?
Her father? Her brother?
What do you tell them?
What could possibly make this any easier?
Gone too soon.

I struggle to finish this. The flood of emotions that come my way are overwhelming. I fail to understand why this had to happen to her. I fail to understand why anything of this sort happens to anyone for that matter.

Goodbye, Zuri. See you later ❤️

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