*This post is not sponsored* as if anyone would sponsor me, lmaoooo.

Here are photos of all the products I am currently using. They will be broken down in this post. Please note that I have very oily skin so most of the products I use mattify (is that a word?) my skin.


  1. I start off by cleansing my face with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. This removes every trace of dirt on my face. I pour it onto a cotton pad and wipe my face with it. I use about 3 cotton pads in total just to make sure that I get as much dirt as possible off my face.

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2. Next, I use this Garnier 3-in-1 clay wash/scrub/mask for oily skin. Every two days I use it as a mask but on a regular day I use it as a scrub.

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When I use it as a mask, I keep it on for five minutes (sometimes longer when I forget that I have it on, which is really bad). After that, I wash it off in steps. I wet my face with warm water then massage the product into my face for 60 seconds. Then I wash it all off, again with warm water. I let my face air dry, or use a fresh towel to wipe it dry when I don’t have the time to let it air dry.

3. When my face is dry, I tone it with Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel has numerous properties, but the one that drew me to it was its ability to help with hyper-pigmentation. My skin scars very easily so I have a lot of dark spots. They’ve faded over time but I want to have a more even skin complexion.

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4. After toning my face, I spray the Mario Badescu facial spray then rub it into my face with my fingertips*. I LOVE this product. It leaves my skin glowing and because I have oily skin, I use it at night in order to prevent my face looking shiny. This past week I’ve been using it in the morning as well because my skin has been looking dull.

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*I don’t use the palms of my hands ever. I prefer washing my hands thoroughly then using my fingertips.

5. After the Mario Badescu spray dries, I moisturise my face with the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Lotion. I use an oil-free moisturiser because I have tremendously oily skin. This specific moisturiser claims to ‘visibly reduce breakouts in 8 hours’. I don’t know how true this is but it’s still an amazing product.

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6. Finally, I moisturise my lips. I use Vaseline petroleum jelly just because I know my lips will still be moisturised in the morning.

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So there you have it: my simple nighttime skincare routine. The key to a successful skincare routine is to make it a routine. If you’re like me and have sensitive skin it’s not a wise idea to keep changing the products you’re putting on your face.

Also not everything will work for you. I remember when everyone was using black soap and my sister swore by it but when I tried it, my skin broke out. It’s very helpful to watch and read reviews before you try a new product, especially when the person reviewing it has the same skin type as you.

Oh, and don’t forget to drink water!


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