Affordable Wig on a Student Budget (Wig Under £100)

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I recently invested in a wig. I have never been a massive fan of wigs. Not until I started going to uni in a country where you have to take extra care of your hair because of the weather. Over the last few days I made the decision to buy a wig, knowing all the benefits that would come with it.

After posting a couple of photos on my Snapchat (see end of post), I got a lot of questions regarding the wig and I’ll answer the main ones I got here, as well as the ones I got on my Instagram questions.

Where did you get it from?

I got it from Modern Show Hair. Modern Show Hair is also on Aliexpress but I bought it directly from their website. 

Wig specs?

Density: 150
Length: 20 inches
Colour: natural
Lace: 360 frontal
Bleached knots: no
Glueless: no
Type of hair: human hair (Peruvian I think?)

How much was the wig? And how much was everything in total? 

I managed to get mine on sale. It was down from 180 USD to 109 USD, which I think is a bargain and a half.

Shipping was free.

I paid £40 (approx. 52 USD) to get it installed. You can do this yourself or get a friend to do it for you, thus saving you the money.

So everything came to around 161 USD.

You can get $10 off a wig at Modern Show hair by clicking this link or by using the code ‘GAKENIA10’, making it even cheaper for you. 

Did you fit the wig yourself? 

No I did not. I got the knots bleached and the wig fitted by @gracious_hair_designs

At the end of my hair appointment

How long did it take to come? 

I ordered the wig at around 11pm on a Friday and it came on the next Thursday in the morning. So I guess that’s the equivalent of 3-4 business days?

Is it a lot of work? 

Not as much as natural hair so far. I’ll probably answer more questions regarding wig maintenance later (when I’ve had it for long enough to be able to give proper answers).  

What are the average prices for a wig? 

Wig prices vary a lot; I’ve seen some for as little as tens of dollars and others for as much as thousands of dollars. A good, reasonably priced human hair wig would probably go for around 200 USD, but then again this depends on factors like its length, the vendor etc.

What kind of things should you look for when buying a wig? 

Look at what would suit you. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, read reviews on the actual sites etc., and would focus more on YouTubers with a similar face shape to me, in order to allow me to see if it would suit me or not. In terms of density I wanted it to be 150%, because I think they look more natural. I would have preferably wanted the knots to have been bleached because that would have saved me money (I wouldn’t have had to pay someone to do it). You’d need to do your research though. Watch a lot of videos, read reviews, look at photos etc. Also, ask people (feel free to talk to me as well) as many questions as possible. 

Anyway, I’m not a wig specialist. I’ve literally only had this one for about a week now, and I’m only learning things as I go. I might do an updated post to talk (not talk, but you know what I mean haha) about how I maintain my wig, so make sure to subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss out on it!