Welcome to GAKENIA

Welcome to GAKENIA

This is more of a 'welcome back' post, rather than a 'welcome' one. I started this blog towards the end of 2017 when I needed an outlet to vent. I needed somewhere to pen down my emotions as expressing what I feel has been something I have struggled with for a while. I stopped blogging [...]

First Q&A

A few days ago, I asked my followers on Instagram and friends on Snapchat to send me a few interesting questions because I wanted to answer them here. If I’m being honest, I thought they’d mainly be questions about myself but most are questions about life. I hope no one gets offended by my answers [...]

‘Are you happy?’

she asks you: ‘are you happy?’ this isn’t something you’re usually asked. it’s usually ‘how are you?’, you say you’re fine and leave it at that. ‘are you happy?’ she repeats. it then hits that you’re not. the things you do are for other people; the compromises you make are for other people, but it’s [...]