I bought lashes from Amazon

I love eyelashes when it comes to make-up; they complete a look. Before, I used to buy single pairs from Superdrug for about £5-8 per pair and use one set about five times (that’s if I didn’t lose the set).

My friend told me that buying lashes from Aliexpress was significantly cheaper so I looked into it, and you can get 5 pairs of lashes for as little as £2. The only issue with Aliexpress is how long the lashes take to come. I needed lashes ASAP, so I thought why not get some from Amazon? 

I bought these lashes: for £4.99 I got 5 pairs of lashes and a tweezer-like thing

I’ve had these lashes for slightly over a month now and have used about three pairs which are still very much in tact. They are perfect for me: dramatic enough but not too much. They are slightly long so I cut off a few millimetres from each, but other than that there’s nothing major to complain about.

Pros of ordering lashes from Amazon:

  • five pairs of beautiful eyelashes
  • they come with a tweezer-like thing (I prefer using my hands, though)
  • they came the next day after I ordered them
  • free delivery with Prime

Cons of ordering lashes off Amazon:

  • the didn’t come with glue, so I had to buy glue separately. The glue that I bought (Lash adhesive by Invogue) is trash
  • not really a con but it’s hard to tell what you’re buying since it’s online so you have to read through reviews and hope for the best

Here is a close-up video of the lashes:

I will definitely be buying these again!